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Strong Leaders Who Believed In the Power Of Engagement: Making The Right Moves, At The Right Time, In The Right Way -- Action Driven By The Fiduciary Ethic.

“A Little Neglect Breeds Great Mischief!”

“For the want of a nail, the shoe was lost.

For the want of a shoe, the horse was lost.
For the want of a horse, the rider was lost.
For the want of a rider, the message was lost.
For the want of a message, the battle was lost.
For the want of a battle, the war was lost.
For the want of a war, the nation was lost.”

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790),
Poor Richard’s Almanac, circa 1745


"You can always count on Americans to do the
right thing-after they've tried everything else."

Sir Winston Churchill(1874-1965)


Here Is Another Well-Known American Who,
By A Different Label, Advocated Widespread
Knowledge Dissemination Two Hundred
Years Ago.

"Educate and inform the whole mass of the
people... They are the only sure reliance
for the preservation of our liberty."

Thomas Jefferson (1783-1826)

The Definitive Authority On The Health Care Crisis

Introduction: The Right Moves Project

Project Origination

The Right Moves Project Stems From An Eminent National Program Started At The National Institutes Of Health During 1972.

For Decades, This Prestigious National Parent Program Has Been Solidly Endorsed By A Blue-Ribbon Coalition Of Some Of The Most Prominent Organizations In The American Healthcare Establishment.

Since its inception, the national parent program has been wholeheartedly endorsed by an alliance of seven prominent federal agencies, such as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Center for Health Statistics, the Agency for Health Care Policy and Quality, and the former Health Care Financing Administration (now CMS, i.e., Medicare).

The national parent program is also endorsed by 38 prominent national associations, such as the American Medical, Dental, Hospital, Nurses,’  Orthopaedic, Podiatric, Osteopathic, Stroke, Diabetes, and Heart Associations.

Plus, the national parent program is solidly endorsed by numerous professional societies, such as the College of Preventive Medicine, the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American College Of Cardiologists, and the prestigious American College of Physicians, just to name a few.

Likewise, the national parent program is endorsed by some 150 professional, labor, civic, and trade organizations. Examples of these national organizations include the American Red Cross, the Rotary, the UAW, and the YMCA.

Finally, this highly successful national program has spawned more than 2,000 locally initiated projects all across the nation. Not only was the national parent program the first to duly acknowledge a crucial event, the planned federal deregulation of American healthcare (1972-1978), it also produced the framework and the driving philosophy that today is the only scientifically legitimate, historically valid, eminently authoritative solution to the healthcare debacle. Astonishingly, this prodigious, highly successful effort suffered a massive knowledge dissemination failure. It is a classic example of a "little neglect that breeds great mischief."

The Prime Sponsor Of The Right Moves Project Is A Highly Successful, Highly Prolific, Private, Proprietary, Multi-Million Dollar, 27-Year R&D Program That Is Today–For 28 Reasons–The Undisputed, Definitive Authority On The Worsening Healthcare Crisis.

For decades, the 27-year, proprietary R&D program has been the foremost credible source of industry intelligence, unbiased advisement, and accurate timing. One reason is because this private R&D program produced the first–and only–scientific explanation of the fundamental social and economic phenomena that have been driving all of the problems in the industry since the planned federal deregulation started in 1972.

Another reason is that this R&D program produced the first scientific explanation based on a mathematical law. There are numerous benefits to this accomplishment. One benefit is that the definition of a "solution" is an explanation. Therefore, this program produced, and extensively demonstrated in a rigorous, 12-year demonstration project, the first scientifically legitimate solution to the fundamental phenomena driving all of problems in the industry for the past 40 years and today driving the impending industry collapse. See for yourself.

Another reason is that this R&D program produced the first ever legitimate time line. This time line is 100% legitimate and 100% accurate because it is based on a mathematical law. The claim presented here that time is rapidly running out is, therefore, not metaphorical.

Yet another reason this seminal R&D program is the is definitive authority is because the work scientifically, accurately, and irrefutably demonstrated the critical chain of events--the critical path--in the industry since 1972. In particular, the R&D program identified the critical events of 1990-1994 that have set the stage for the rapidly approaching catastrophic industry collapse.

This R&D program identified the single critical factor that demonstrates high scientific and historically predictive validity. Appropriately managing this critical factor literally means the difference between the industry survival, long-term prosperity, and abject failure by collapse.

Furthermore, the R&D program created the first computer model that graphically and dramatically demonstrates how this critical factor governs the revenues flowing into all professional service businesses in American healthcare and why innovation, and innovation management is the key to survival and long-term prosperity of all of the professional service businesses from solo practitioners to national health systems in the healthcare industry.

One reason the private R&D program is the foremost credible source of industry intelligence is that it, early on, scientifically debunked the myths about the dominance of managed care and demonstrated the industry’s failure and collapse (1986-1989). The extensive proof of this claim is presented in documents in the "vault." People are surprised to learn that the failure and collapse of the HMO industry bears a strong resemblance to the failure of the US Housing Industry and the resulting domino-effect financial debacle. In both cases, leaders failed to make the right moves at the right time in the right way at the most critical time in the evolution of the industry.

This highly innovative, 27-year R&D program has already made more than a dozen groundbreaking discoveries and produced seven critical management innovation projects that will be indispensable for organizations not only to escape the impending second catastrophic event, but also to enjoy permanent prosperity. This R&D program, since 1982, has produced and extensively proven the first management knowledge base that closes the fatal 100-year knowledge gap on the business and management side of all professional services businesses in American healthcare.

One Reason The R&D Program Has Been The Foremost Credible Source Of Industry Intelligence Is Because It Exposed The Chronic Industry Propaganda, The Pollyana, And The Insidious Whitewashing Of The Most Critical Event In The History Of The Industry, Ever!

In 1994, this media report said that there was "an abatement in spending on physician bills." The word "abatement" implies a cushioned decline. In fact, this event signaled one of the most catastrophic "implosions" in American economic history. Astonishingly, the critical events of 1990-1994 suffered a "little neglect." (read more...)

The Propositions:

There Is Now Both Convincing Scientific And Solid, Compelling Historical Evidence To Conclusively Demonstrate--And Not Merely To Predict--That The Mammoth Healthcare Industry Will Suddenly, Violently Collapse And Provoke A National Economic And Social Disaster Of Unprecedented Proportions.

Because this claim is based on a mathematical law, scientifically speaking, this claim is not a prediction. Likewise, because this claim is based on a mathematical law, and easily demonstrated, it is 100% probable. Predictions, by definition, contain some degree of uncertainty. This claim is also 100% unpredictable because the collapse is triggered by random events, much like the negative media event that trips a stock market crash or the shotgun blast that suddenly triggers a killer avalanche.

Proposition: The mammoth American healthcare industry will suddenly, unexpectedly, violently collapse because of the exact same (mathematically homologous) classic, social and economic phenomena and powerful, natural evolutionary forces that drive all dynamic, living systems--from enzymes to empires--to brink of "creative destruction."

It is important to note that the term "collapse" used here is not used metaphorically. Industries that collapse demonstrate three attributes: high rates of sudden business failures ("shakeouts"), mass exits of incumbent firms (the Exodus), and massive financial losses.

Moreover, the labels "suddenly and violently" are scientifically legitimate because they describe the fundamental driving phenomenon that causes avalanches, wildfires, and stock market crashes. These events "trigger" suddenly and forcefully wipe out everything in their paths until they go to "completion" and quietly stop leaving a wake of destruction.

Proposition: The major components of the healthcare provider industry that will suddenly collapse are the mainspring $496 billion US Physician Services Industry, the $101 billion US Dental Services Industry, and the mammoth $718 billion US Hospital Services Industry. All data supporting this claim and other claims in this site come from the gold-standard National Health Expenditures Study started in 1960.

The propositions are based on data from the 2008 report. The recently released 2009 report confirms the claims made here: that the industry is now at the 4% catastrophic threshold. It means the $2.5 trillion industry is in an extremely unstable condition (unstable equilibrium), has reached a dangerous "criticality," and is, therefore, extremely vulnerable to the slightest "jolt" that can trigger the second big crash and plunge the industry into the decline-death stage of its life cycle--the Nemesis Vortex. The media report disclosing this absolutely irrefutable "clear-and-present-danger" is amazingly--pathologically--devoid of any real meaning. Read the report in the vault and see for yourself.

This report is truly alarming: the $102 billion US Dental Services Industry has suffered a massive crash in 2009. The critical predictive factor, the annual change in the rate of growth, imploded about 500%! It means this industry has plunged into the decline stage of its life cycle and the dreaded Nemesis Vortex. The event is the most spectacular ever; unfortunately, people in the industry are oblivious to this milestone event.

The three cited industries represent about 56% of the total annual revenues in the American healthcare industry. These three industries support millions of supplier organizations from local firms that provide janitorial services to major international high technology conglomerates such as General Electric and Siemens. These three mainspring industries also drive the $234 billion US Pharmaceutical Industry.

Proposition: The American healthcare industry will collapse because of the same (mathematically homologous) phenomena that historically have caused other industries to suddenly collapse.

These exact same classic phenomena, because they were grossly mismanaged by a "little neglect," caused the venerated, 200 year old Swiss Watch Industry to suddenly collapse (1974-1979), the American Savings and Loan Industry to collapse in 1982 (technically it was a "near-collapse" stopped by an emergency federal bailout of, tip-of-iceberg, $155 billion), the US Computer Industry to collapse (1992-1998), and the HMO Industry in Southern California (1986-1989).

Finally, the central, vitally important healthcare industry will suddenly, violently collapse because of the exact same phenomena that caused the stock market crash of October 19 1987. It was called Black Monday for good reasons. It produced great economic and social upheaval and monumental losses.

Many early warnings of the impending disaster were ignored--again due to a "little neglect." One of the first signs that this vital industry would collapse were discovered in the bellwether state of California between 1999-2001, but the classic, textbook signs of the approaching calamity were fatefully ignored. (Read more...)

Proposition: The American healthcare system will suddenly, violently collapse because of the exact same (mathematically homologous) phenomena that triggered the sudden collapse of the HMO industry in Southern California between 1986 and 1989.

While proponents of managed care industry were predicting that "managed care will dominate medicine" the HMO industry in Southern California suffered a classic industry collapse. Based on published studies by notable healthcare economists, a sample of 57 HMOs in Southern California suffered an explosive surge in bankruptcies and massive, unprecedented financial losses. Based on court documents, this sample of organizations suffered a staggering 2,500% increase in bankruptcies, widespread marketplace exits, and massive, tip-of-the-iceberg losses of at least $2 billion dollars. 

Proposition: The American healthcare system will suddenly, violently collapse because of the same fundamental phenomena that for centuries have caused disasters. At work in the healthcare industry for decades--and extensively proven--is the same phenomena that caused the Titanic to sink, the meltdown at Chernobyl, the Challenger and the Columbia space vehicles to blow up, the Bay of Pigs fiasco, Pearl Harbor, all of the wars in the twentieth century, and the fall of the ancient city of Babylon, 659 BCE

The scientific evidence is convincing. The American healthcare industry will collapse because of the same grossly mismanaged natural phenomenon that burst the US Housing "bubble" that, in turn, spawned tidal-wave, domino-effect economic shockwaves and fostered the current, worldwide financial crisis.

Proposition: Surprisingly, the fundamental phenomena driving the rapidly approaching collapse of the American healthcare establishment are not just "similar to," or "analogous to," but "mathematically homologous" to the forces and phenomena that caused the once-mighty Roman Empire to suddenly collapse in about 500 AD. The graphic demonstration of this claim surprises most people.

Proposition: The mammoth $2.3 trillion healthcare establishment will suddenly, violently collapse because of the exact same grossly mismanaged phenomena that caused the recent failure of the US Housing Industry and the ensuing global financial "meltdown" described by pundits as the worst since the Great Depression. Because it is based on a mathematical law, this claim is an easily, clearly demonstrated scientific fact. Most people are astonished at the simple proof of this claim, perhaps you will likewise be astonished.

These propositions are graphically and dramatically presented in the proprietary section of this blog--the "vault." Even the most hard-boiled skeptics are firmly convinced by this demonstration.

In 2001, the prestigious Institute of Medicine declared that the US healthcare establishment was "failing." It was a "little neglect." What this prestigious group neglected to mention is that there are four modes by which and industry fails: erosion, dissolution, contraction, or collapse. Industries collapse when certain conditions are met: the conditions have been met and are conclusively demonstrated in the documentation supporting the scientific claims. (read more...)

Proposition: As variously presented, the healthcare reform movement, regardless of the political sponsorship, will either trigger the industry collapse or exacerbate the severity of the collapse. There are striking analogies between the collapse of the venerated Swiss Watch Industry and the impending collapse of American healthcare industry. Is the contentious healthcare reform movement analogous to the management fiasco that produced the 200 lb., $200,000.00 "wristwatch?" See for yourself.

The healthcare reform debate has effectively diverted American attention away from the real, fundamental phenomena that have been conspicuously at work for 40 years, yet ignored because of a "little neglect."

Proposition: Based on the only legitimate time line in the industry, the emerging predicament is a "ticking time bomb" because time is rapidly running out. Metaphorically, the three major components are "teetering on the brink;" mathematically, these keystone industries are reaching the historical 4% catastrophic threshold which marked great upheaval and unprecedented failure in the recent past.

Why Is The Right Moves Project Dedicated To The Spirit And The Wisdom Of A Great American Icon And Genius Of The Twentieth Century–Dr. Seuss?

This dedication is made in honor of the lifelong work of the late Theodor S. Geisel (1904-1991).

There are literally thousands of descriptions of what has transpired in the American healthcare establishment during the past four decades. These descriptions emanate from the most erudite pundits at the most prestigious institutions in the nation. The work is often elegant, remarkably insightful, and informative. Yet this prodigious work has suffered from a "little neglect." Scientifically speaking, a description is not an explanation.

In his book, "You’re Only Old Once." Dr. Seuss presents a powerful, insightful description–that’s actually a provocative illustration–of what is scientifically and philosophically the most accurate identification of the primary, or root, cause that is fundamentally driving the worsening American healthcare debacle.

In fact, Doctor Seuss' sagaciously identified the social phenomena that historically has caused great upheaval, human suffering, and tragedy and that has caused the failure and potential collapse of every healthcare establishment in every Western society in the world. A "little neglect" of his important, insightful, historically valid work will, indeed, "breed great mischief."

Action This Day!

* If you are among the select group of Americans who are earnestly concerned about the raging, contentious healthcare debate and if you want to learn the real story behind the 40-year chronic failure and now imminent collapse, here is your exclusive opportunity to do so.

* If you want to ensure that the century-long, mega-trillion dollar American investment in the most technologically advanced healthcare system is preserved and not ruined, here is your only chance.

* Most importantly, if you want to ensure that America’s most vulnerable people, the children, the elderly, and the "very sick" are not forced into harm’s way, then you surely will want to know more and take action.

* If you are among the select group of Americans who fervently understand that the nation is at the most critical juncture ever, and that making the right moves now will ensure the survival and long-term prosperity of the American healthcare establishment, you should take the next logical step and enter the proprietary knowledge-base vault.

* If you want to learn more about the first-ever scientific explanation–the real story–that produced the first and only legitimate "yardstick" by which any and every proposal to "fix" American healthcare can be thoroughly, scientifically, and objectively evaluated, then make the right moves now and open the vault.

* If you want to cut through the whitewashing, the scapegoating, the relentless propaganda, the smokescreens, the ignorance, and the Pollyana--and learn the real story--now you have the exclusive resource to accomplish these goals.

* Fortunately, there is also very good news. There is a classic, textbook remedy to the looming calamity because the rapidly approaching disaster is a classic, textbook problem.

Unfortunately, the real solution has suffered a "little neglect." If you want to learn the good news, make the right moves now, before it's too late...

"Knowledge is power."
Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626)

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